Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups with Hash Browns
Recipes Muffin-Tin Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

It's the ultimate meal prep! You can make every meal of the day in individual portions for busy weekdays for that easy grab-and-go life.

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Debby Michael holding pants

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: How One Woman Lost 80 Pounds

Stay-at-home mom (and piano/violin teacher) Debby Michael, 30, shares how she lost the weight and gained $2,600 in the p...

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Sick woman drinking tea

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Cold & Flu

How to Handle Cold and Flu Season

This time of year can be difficult for families, particularly if you're Mom or Dad! Feeling ill while trying to wor...

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Tasty Chicken Dishes

Rule the roost with our terrific new takes on chicken.

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scrambled eggs

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You're Scrambling Eggs All Wrong

It’s time to make your go-to breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled, with toast. But your eggs always end up dry and rubbery. We h...

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Weight Loss

14 Ways to Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution

Don’t give up just yet. Experts spill their secrets on how to maintain new healthy habits—no matter what your excuse is....

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Easy & Delicious Slow-Cooker Recipes More Slow Cooker Recipes
woman working out

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The Must-Have Sneakers to Get You Through Your Workouts—and Errands

Lightweight and springy, our favorite new sneakers will keep you light on your feet — whether you're running errands or ...

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DIY Wreath

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How to Make a DIY Wreath for Spring

Learn how to make the easy and beautiful wreaths to hang on your door.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


Cookie Recipes: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

We sifted through our archives to find our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. Whether you like them chewy or with m...

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Workout Wear Prize Fighter

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The Hottest Trends in Workout Wear

Gear up! Get the details on trends and the newest innovations and workout wear.

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Sandra Pollock

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 35 Pounds After Quitting the Gym

She struggled with her weight for decades, but then Sandra Pollock, 53, read about a simple change to help her slim down...

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school shooting vigil

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How to Talk to Kids About Gun Violence

Sadly, deadly and devastating mass shootings continue to dominate the headlines. How can you share the news about gun vi...

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Secrets to Fearless Living

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Secrets to Fearless Living

Pushing yourself slightly outside your comfort zone could radically change your life for the better.

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Orange-Chocolate Chip Muffins


Our Favorite Muffin Recipes Ever

From chocolate chip and blueberry to carrot and zucchini, we've rounded up our best muffin recipes of all time.

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mom shaming

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Family Fun

When the Toughest Mom-Shamers Are Family

Mom-shaming is always hard to deal with, but it leaves a deeper wound when it’s the people closest to you—family.

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