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The Hottest Pet Halloween Costumes

  • Alien pet halloween costume

    Alien Pet Costume

    The truth is out there: This is one of the funniest costumes ever.

    Alien Rider Costume, $7.50 to $10, .

  • Dinosaur Costume

    Dino-pup eats man. Dino-pup inherits the Earth.

    Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume, $25,

  • Halloween Taco pet costume

    Taco Dog Costume

    All you need is some hot sauce and you've got one spicy look!

    Taco Dog Costume, $20 to $25, .

  • Cowboy Pet Costume

    Perfect for the fastest (and tiniest) sharpshooter in the West.

    Cowboy Small Pet Costume, $6, .


  • devil halloween costume for pets

    Devil Horns Pet Costume

    Show off your pet's alter ego.

    Devil Horns Pet Costume, $6, .

  • Ghostbusters Dog Costume

    Who you gonna call? Ghost-pupsters!

    Ghostbuster Jumpsuit, $22, .

  • banana split ice cream pet costume

    Banana Split Costume

    I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for this insanely sweet getup.

    Banana Split Rider Costume, $7.50 to $10, .

  • Cat costume halloween octopus

    Octopus Cat Costume

    I want to be...under the an octopuss' garden...on Halloween!

    Octopus Cat Costume, $10, .

  • Butterfly Halloween Costume for Dogs

    Butterfly Dog Costume

    Let your pooch spread her wings and fly.

    Butterfly Dog Costume, $15, .