Silence Breakers Named Time Person of the Year

Women who shared their experiences helped inspire others to do the same and led to the #metoo movement.

Ashley Judd

Steve Mack/Getty Images

Steve Mack/Getty Images

 has named sexual assault and harassment silence breakers as their . 

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"The people who have broken their silence on sexual assault and harassment span all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually all corners of the globe. Their collective anger has spurred immediate and shocking results. For their influence on 2017, they are TIME’s Person of the Year," the magazine's website says. Pictured on the cover, are:

  • Actress and activist Ashley Judd, who  by producer Harvey Weinstein
  • Singer Taylor Swift, who discussed her sexual assault case ()
  • Former Uber engineer, Susan Fowler, who  there
  • Lobbyist Adama Iwu
  • Strawberry picker Isabel Pascual
  • And one woman whose face can't be seen

Runners up included , Chinese politician , special counsel , North Korea dictator , former NFLer-turned-activist , and '' director .

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