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Looking to refresh a room or your entire house? We've got brilliant and stylish tips for home decorating, organizing and cleaning, plus craft ideas for holidays and every day.
Organizing pros share 10 tips for designing a work space that keeps kids focused, productive and happy. More
All it takes to amp up your backyard or patio is a few basic supplies and our easy-to-follow decorating tips. More
Ready, Set, Clean! Handy supplies to stockpile, gadgets that really work and easy storage ideas. More
Check out our Home Gift Guide for fun ideas for your friends and family. More
No matter how little light, space or time you have, there's a DIY terrarium that's just right for you. Create a modern mini zen zone with these easy ideas.   More
The designer shares 6 favorite decorating ideas. More
Experts share the secrets behind unexpected combos that work—beautifully. More
Creative ideas for one-of-a-kind flea market finds, plus expert shopping tips on how to snag the best stuff every time.   More
Vacuuming and mopping were the last things tech expert Christina Tynan-Wood wanted to do on weekends. Her goal was to find a better way—and she did, thanks to technology.   More

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