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30-Minute Dinners

Pressed for time? Try one of these easy recipes and have dinner on the table in less than half an hour.

4 surprising new twists on the kitchen staple.

Surprise the whole family with some yum yet lean weeknight favorites.

Play it cool with these quick and easy, no-cook meals the whole family will enjoy.

Delicious meals for hot summer nights — no stove required.

Make your weeknight dinners a breeze with these super-fast recipes.

With minimal prep and a quick stint at the stove, dinner is ready in no time.

Always short on time? Here are 17 satisfying supper recipes that you can whip up in 30 minutes max.

Simple, great-tasting meals ready in a flash. Just what you need when there's a lot on your plate.

A fresh twist on fast food, these delicious, veggie-packed dishes can be ready in no time flat.

Enjoy a memorable evening by the surf (or in your own backyard) with our simple, make-ahead menu.

If you need an easy meal (and who doesn't?) one-pot is the way to go. These delicious dinners are filling, flavor-packed, and fast. Our favorite part? Cleanup is a breeze.

To make your weeknight dinners a breeze, we've assembled an alphabet of easy tips and tricks.

Go ahead! Expand your super-busy dinner repertoire with these quick, delicious dishes!

From chicken alfredo to beef fajitas, we've created great-tasting recipes — and picked the best frozen alternatives — to save you time in the kitchen.

Think your microwave can't manage more than reheating leftovers? Think again. Our 6 superfast recipes will have you falling in love with that little oven all over again.

Cook a great meal in 30 minutes! The secret? Pre-prepped ingredients and quick techniques.

Beat the dinner rush with these recipes from our new Healthclothing Cookbook! You need only half an hour to make great-tasting tacos, pasta, desserts, and more.