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Hershey's New Candy Bar Flavor Revealed

There’s slow, and then there’s Hershey’s slow. In 117 years, the chocolate giant has released only three base flavors. But this year, we’re getting a new confection!

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We’re not talking a new candy bar robed in cocoa. We mean a new kind of chocolate. Let’s review:

  • 1900: Milk Chocolate. You might have noticed it went over well, so they just stuck with it. Until…
  • 1939: Special Dark. In a mere 39 years, they now have 1) milk chocolate and 2) dark chocolate.
  • 1995: Cookies ’n Creme. So that’s 56 years since dark; 95 since milk. It's not technically white chocolate, but it’s the third flavor, people.
  • Dec. 1, 2017: . It's not chocolate either, but it counts. To make the newbie, they caramelize a white creme—in fact, the package straight-up says “caramelized creme”—and it results in a buttery, sort of shortbready flavor.

Twenty-two years since their white chocolate is not exactly speedy. And we have yet another month before we can buy it. But it’s worth the wait, y’all. Hershey’s Gold is salty and sweet right out of the gate: It’s got crispy pretzel bits and crunchy peanuts. After 117 years, at least they’re cutting right to giving the people what they want!

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And they’ve changed the pips (which is apparently the correct name for what I’d unsophisticatedly called “sections”)! Look at this fancy configuration:

When we finally get to December 1, you can try the standard bar for about $0.99 and the king size for about $1.69.

So did Hershey’s strike gold? Or do you think the new bar is just silver or bronze?

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