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College Prep

College applications, scholarships and interviews, oh my! Here's expert advice on how to navigate the college prep process.

Your teen is moving on — and so should you. Learn to parent from afar during the college years.

Smart, sensible behavior can help keep your teen safe while away at college.

Send your teens off to college in style and get them the latest dorm room staples, cooking shortcuts and fun surprises to keep them ahead of the curve.

Did you see my column in the March issue on helping a teen network his way into college?

A sophomore at Emory University was recently arrested after allegedly accepting a fee of up to $2,500 to take the SATs for 6 high school students in Long Island.

Today U.S. News and World Report released their 2012 college rankings.

Now that they're leaving your nest, give your teens what they need to spruce up college life.

As my daughter's freshman year of college loomed, I had to learn that giving her distance would eventually bring us closer.

A new study from the Pew Research Center finds that 57% of Americans say our higher education system fails to provide a good value for the money students and their families spend.

Send your students off on the right foot with these fun products.

Your kids got their acceptance letters; congrats! Now it's time to ensure they're ready to be on their own.

Kids who can handle everyday tasks are happier and more confident. Here are the life skills your teens should know.

The soaring cost of tuition coupled with the nation's economic crisis has students and parents trying to make an educated guess about whether a traditional four-year experience is best for everyone.

One woman shares what she learned through two college application processes, including research, expert advice, and personal experience.

We've all heard that the annual tab at some schools now tops $30,000.