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Dating & Sex

First boyfriends, first girlfriends, first dates: Here's what every parent needs to know about talking to their kids about dating, sex and teen relationships.

Talking to a tween about sex can be uncomfortably embarrassing and scary—for you. 

We're used to hearing celebrities bare all in interviews and watching them bare all on movie screens.

  It's the kind of news that makes moms shudder.

By Leslie Kantor, vice president of education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Prom and graduation season is an excellent time to have conversations with our teens about sex—what they a

“She swears up and down they used a condom,” says Meghan,* 48, a mom of two from Missouri.

You might think there’s nothing you can tell an 18- or 19-year-old about sex—well, nothing that they’ll actually listen to. But that’s not the case.

"Nothing shook our family like my teenage daughter's pregnancy," says Andrea*, 53, a Washington-based mom of three. And she's not alone.

By Leslie Kantor, Vice President of Education at Planned Parenthood.  A recent Dear Abby submission came from a woman whose teenage daughter confided in her that she was sexually active

"We talk about sex tapes, affairs, baby bumps…anything and everything to do with our sex lives, except contraception,” says actress and Emmy Award-winning talk show host Ricki Lake.

Written by Leslie Kantor, Vice President of Education at Planned Parenthood.  How many times have you heard someone say, “She’s such a flirt” or “He’s goin

It’s been almost a decade since my first-born came home and announced she’d be going to the middle school dance, my baptism into the strange “new” world of dating.

On this National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, guest blogger Michelle Edelman shares the surprisingly early sex talk she had to have with her 3rd-grader and where other moms can get help finding the

In honor of Planned Parenthood's Let's Talk Month, award-winning actress Alfre Woodad shares her experience about talking to her kids about sex.

If you have followed some of the recent stories of cyberbullying that led to horrific consequences, you might be feeling as if your kids are living in a world you don’t understand and can&rsquo

Amy Cody is the Parent Education Manager at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, which offers Let’s Be Honest workshops to help prepare parents to talk about sex with their kids.

John T. Chirban, Ph.D., Th.D. is a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School and author of How to Talk With Your Kids About Sex.

In honor of Let's Talk Month, an annual effort to get parents and teens talking about sexuality, Mom Judy Forbin-Morain shares how she talks about sex with her daughter, Jada Kearse. Blog by