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Teen Driving

How to navigate the driver's permit and driver's license, and teach safe driving.

A teen behind the wheel can make even a relatively easygoing parent freak out. For your sanity's sake, take the high road.

Worried about your teen on the road this winter? Our expert from Chevy shares what your young driver should know.

Cell phones, music, partying passengers. With so much competing for teens' attention, it can be hard for them to stay focused behind the wheel.

Lecturing your teen on driving responsibly won't work unless you set a good example. Put a brake on those bad habits and your kids will follow your lead.

 Our parent's manual will help make buying your teen's first car a safe and happy rite of passage.

Driving instructors may teach rules and regulations, but parents impart responsibility. Make sure your kid is ready to hit the road before handing over the keys.

Luxe extras that used to be available only in cars bought from high-end dealers can now be had without a side trip to the poorhouse.

Instead of being dangerous distractions, these smart phone programs can help teen drivers focus on the road.

Americans are holding on to their cars longer than ever. Keeping an older vehicle on the road is simple with these doable tips from the experts.

Tyler Mayer of Greenville, Michigan, learned the hard way never to text while driving. Here, he shares his account.

Send a letter to your senator and representative to let them know why you're in favor of this bill. Get started using our editable PDF.

Reliability, economy, style and, above all, safety: There's a lot for parents to consider when putting their teen behind the wheel. Our guide will help you navigate the choices.