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School Issues

Dropping out, hazing, dress codes, drug searches, cheating. Here's how to help your teen avoid these (and other) middle and high school issues.

It was a DIY clock—not a bomb!

Early intervention is crucial, and parents play as important a role as teachers, coaches and principals when it comes to bullying.

Follow these expert tips to relieve stress so you'll be ready to celebrate (and enjoy!) the big moments as the school year winds down.

Every year concerned parents demand the removal of hundreds of "inappropriate" texts from American classrooms and libraries. Are they strangling free speech — or just trying to protect our kids?

Cell phones, texting and Facebook are hot new tools in the classroom, but there's growing concern that tech has brought students and teachers too close for comfort.

More than ever, it seems as though being a modern parent means wrestling with thorny social, tech and school issues. For instance, should kids be saddled with hours of after-school assignments?

End the summer dreaming and get your teens back into the academic zone with this sanity-saving advice.

With budgets trending leaner and meaner, school fundraising is a bigger priority than ever, yet parents are getting fed up with feeling obligated to pitch in. What's the lesson here?

A study has found that student's knowledge of Civil Rights history has deteriorated. And they blame the academic standards for public schools in the states.

In today's increasingly global society, there's more emphasis than ever to teach kids a second language. But how far would you go to make your kids bilingual?

Have you noticed the Math-Hating fashion trend hitting stores this Fall?

The transition from easy-breezy days of no school to homework-filled nights can be as tough for moms as it is for kids.

In schools across the country, teens are challenging the decision-makers on free speech and privacy, drug searches and dress codes.

When security measures are inadequate, students fear for their safety. Excessive policing also causes issues. 

In an age of text messaging, cell phone cameras and online plagiarism, even the brightest students are cheating and taking shortcuts to good grades.

You won't believe what happens these days on school buses, in locker rooms, even at church youth groups. Teens are involved in more disturbing hazing incidents at younger ages than ever before.

Nearly one-third of all high school students in the U.S. fail to graduate on time. Help turn the tide by making sure your teens are getting the support they need to stay in class and succeed in life.