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Kind Minis

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Health Dietitian-Approved Healthy Store-Bought Snacks

These good-for-you, grab-and-go options get a seal of approval from registered dietitians across the country. Click through this updated list to find your wholesome new obsessions (available in almost any grocery store!).

Compiled by Lynya Floyd and Kaitlyn Pirie
knitting is good for you

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Knitting Can Reduce Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain

New research proves that it's a truly healthy hobby.

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woman's bloated belly

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7 Ways to Banish Belly Bloat

Quit struggling to button your jeans after lunch. Give yourself a break from bloating with seven expert-backed tricks.

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Workout Wear for Running

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make time for painting


Make Time for Painting

Brushes out! Whether you’re picking up an old hobby or starting as an absolute beginner, channeling your inner O’Keeffe ...

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sweet dreams

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What Some of Your Happy Dreams May Mean

It’s usually pretty easy to read into the meaning behind bad dreams, but good dreams can be a bit more cryptic. We decod...

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Woman sleeping

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How to Get Back to Sleep After a Nightmare

It’s 3 a.m. You’ve just escaped the clutches of kidnappers. Remind yourself it was only a dream, then follow our doctors...

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sweet dreams

Illustrations by Caroline So


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How Much Do You Know About Autism & Adolescence?

Four questions every parent should know the answers to—whether or not you have a child with autism.

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snacking while watching tv

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Healthy Family

Surprise! You’re Snacking All Wrong

Our experts reveal the mini-meal mistakes that lead to dreaded weight gain, annoying hunger pangs and more.

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Pouring red wine

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Does Drinking Alcohol Really Help You Live Longer?

A study on 90-somethings found that drinking may be the secret to longevity.

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Debby Michael holding pants

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: How One Woman Lost 80 Pounds

Stay-at-home mom (and piano/violin teacher) Debby Michael, 30, shares how she lost the weight and gained $2,600 in the p...

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Sick woman drinking tea

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Cold & Flu

How to Handle Cold and Flu Season

This time of year can be difficult for families, particularly if you're Mom or Dad! Feeling ill while trying to wor...

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