Hair Gloss Treatment at Home for the Most Radiant Hair Ever

Expert tips and affordable products to help you get the perfect glossy look at home.

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Six Slick Tricks


Mane Masters

Marcus Francis, 

Mike Petrizzi, 

Denis De Souza, 

Come Clean: Remove product buildup by shampooing the scalp, roots and hairline. Avoid the ends, suggests Francis, as hair is the driest there.

Get Sleek: Products infused with oils—like argan, coconut or sunflower—instantly enhance shine and soften and revitalize hair without weighing it down, says De Souza. Apply daily to ends.

Cut the Powder: Dry shampoos and texturizing sprays can be chalky and make locks lackluster. Don't use too often and mist sparingly at roots.

Brush Up: A boar-bristle paddle brush detangles, stimulates the scalp and redistributes oils, says Petrizzi.

Color Safely: Refresh roots or cover grays with a demi-permanent formula. It's milder than a permanent process, since it's ammonia-free.

Sleep Easy: Pile hair up into a loose bun to keep it from being pulled around overnight.A silk or satin pillowcase can also help reduce friction.


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Favorite Products


Pepides seal hair's outer layer, locking in color.

A monthly at-home treatment revives color and adds bounce.

Jojoba and aloe pair up in this nourishing mask.

A protein-infused formula smooths hair's surface for major manageability.

Touchable tresses and tamed flyaways are just two of this oil's benefits.

Protect the cuticle by spritzing generously on damp hair before blow-drying.

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