Must-Have Dorm Gear for College Students

Send your teens off to college with our favorite finds.

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On Top of the World


The classic memo board gets a style upgrade with this spinning globe option.

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Bright Idea


This is not your basic light. The swivel base turns 360 degrees and comes with enough space for pens, pencils and your MP3 player.

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Hanging Pretty


Each birdie has two hooks, so your freshman can pile clothing onto this space saver (instead of on her dorm room floor).

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Write On


Your teen can doodle or have friends "sign in" to his dorm room using this notebook paper–themed duvet cover. For a clean slate, just put it in the washer.

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Dorm Sweet Dorm


Under-the-weather students can feel the comforts of home whenever they pull a tissue through the chimney.

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Power Up


Six outlets and the ability to bend in different shapes—perfect for tight dorm room spaces.

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Carry On


With one main compartment, eight pockets and rubberized mesh material, this tote can hold bath essentials and weather hot water.

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Animal Instinct


More than just a cute keychain, this little critter is also a USB flash drive.

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Full Bloom


By plugging gadgets into each flower, smart students can keep wires pretty and organized.

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Play It Cool


A pink fridge/freezer combo will surely brighten up any drab dorm room.

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Sweet Shooter


This wireless mouse is cute and powerful. It has a battery life of up to 30 months and students can download a matching background for their computer or smartphone.

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On the Line


Hopefully the cute clothesline pattern will be a constant reminder to actually do laundry.

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Brew for One


A must-have for any college kid: A small, single-cup brewer to provide fuel for early-morning classes. Available in red, white, platinum and black.

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Underhanded Organization


Assignments won't be forgotten using a calendar/notepad/mouse pad combo. When the week is over, he can just tear off and start fresh.

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Modern Messages


This bold and colorful dry-erase board is perfect for lists, drawings or notes. Add some funky magnets and they'll be set.

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Sound the Alarm


No alarm clock? No problem. This iPhone dock was made to look like an old-school one and charges the devices overnight, too.

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Trunk Show


Students can keep their iPhones in sight by leaning them against these pint-size pachyderms. Plus who doesn't love elephants?

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Chalk It Up


Brighten up bland cinderblock dorm walls with moveable and reusable chalkboard decals.

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Hang Tight


Fashionable freshmen can avoid jewelry tangles and organize their accessories in one place. The best part? The screen folds away for easy storage.

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Space Saver


Make the most of tight space with coffee-colored underbed storage bags. The pair go for less than $10—what a steal!

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The Perfect Combo


Not only does this soup bowl and sandwich tray duo serve as the perfect dining set for one, it's also safe for microwave, oven and dishwasher.

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Retro Chic


This oscillating fan has a classic look and a surprising modern feature: It plugs in to any USB port.

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Cool Sounds


Your teen can enjoy music on the quad with this portable wooden speaker. The sound system connects to MP3 players, cell phones, laptops and tablets.

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Day Dreaming


Pin day-to-day thoughts, ideas and class reminders to this fun corkboard.

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